Welcome to Copenhagen Fetish Men.
This association is all about 'community'.

No matter what kind of masculine fetish you may have - Leather - Rubber - Skinheads - Sneakers - Proll - Sportsgear - We bring you together with other guys like you!

Through events and awareness, it is our goal to make you feel, that you belong in the fetish scene of Copenhagen - No matter what your kink might be. As a core organization in the fetish community, we want you to feel good about your fetishes. We create an atmosphere, where you belong, build confidence and meet other guys like you. It's all about social inclusion, brotherhood and care!

Join our Fetish Socials every 1st Thursday of every month at Mens Bar. No dresscode - no pressure. Use this opportunity to flash your gear out in town. Put on your favorit kicks. Slide into that rubber. Gear up in leather. Or come as you are and meet more experienced fetish guys. It's all up to you. You will feel welcome no matter what.

In the future, more events will come.
Make sure you follow our Facebook Page.
Please note, that there is a "Secret" Facebook Group for Copenhagen Fetish Men. If you want to join us there, please write us through the official Facebook Page and you will be added.

Embrace your sexuality! Have Fun!

The images on this site is used with owners permission. Check out rubberlovingpup. Photographer: Sly Hands.